Quill With Ink Icon

quill with ink

Android L Objects Office Goods by icons8

Linkware License

This license allows free use for commercial use, but requires a link on each page where the icons appear. It’s close to Creative Commons’ Attribution.

Android L Objects Office Goods Icons

  • Ball Point Pen Icon
  • Brush Icon
  • Chisel Tip Marker Icon
  • Drafting Compass Icon
  • Drafting Compass 2 Icon
  • Eraser Icon
  • Glue Icon
  • Hole Punch Icon
  • Marker Pen Icon
  • Paper Clamp Icon
  • Pen Icon
  • Pencil Icon
  • Pencil Sharpener Icon
  • Quill With Ink Icon
  • Ruler Icon
  • Stanley Knife Icon
  • Stapler Icon
  • Sticky Tape Icon